Is this too greedy?



Jaffa is the founder of the Eternal Titans and was one of the first players to embrace Eternal during its closed beta. An old school veteran who brought together many of the great players we see in the competitive scene today. He loves trying out new ideas and has an unhealthy addiction to brewing, even if his vocabulary doesn't contain the words "too greedy". If you aren't seeing him rising for Icaria in his beloved Combrano decks, he is probably off pushing even further beyond the limits of reasonable influence requirements. Whilst he has taken a step back from the competitive scene, he did achieve a couple of top 8's in the first year of the Eternal Tournament Series, including a top 8 in the Season 5 Invitational, where he was crazy enough to bring 12 power cards to the tournament (Owls rule!).

Call me Flipper.


Professional Pro

AhornDelfin started his Eternal career by putting Feln Strangers in his decks until DWD had to nerf them. His love for 4-of's is only overshadowed by his distaste for 2-of's, and chances are high he came up with 2 new decks while you were reading this. You can find him stalking the different Eternal Discord and Twitch channels, always helping people out.

I never produce good quotes except when I do.


Former Rank 1

I am Buckwheat, the former rank 1 master. You've never read about an Eternal writer more recently than me.

My credentials include 27 deck lists that I took to rank 1 since April of 2017, a mindset unpolluted by natural unreasonable human optimism, over 400 faction levels, lots of free time, and a glaring lack of achievement in any play mode other than Ranked. But you don't have to know me, as long as you read my articles. My writing is far more interesting than me.

I aim to write for a more skilled target audience than most Eternal writers I've seen. You won't find any budget substitutions in my articles, nor will I remind you of basic game mechanics or the order in which you should Quarry and Scout. I assume you already know these things. My goal is to tell people what they don't already know.

Perhaps I will stream again one day, but don't count on it. Until then, the easiest way to find me is as 381654729#3145 on Discord. I welcome all attempts to communicate, except when I do not.



World Champion

camat0 is Eternal's first community World Champion, a title earned through the culmination of an entire year's successes. However, he's as modest as he is outspoken, always striving to improve as a person and as a player. Through skill, stellar deckbuilding, and the help of his teammates, camat0 has a knack for redefining the meta when you least expect it.

I like this line better.


Not THAT Finkel

Eternal’s worst impostor. Also known as fakel, finkle, Mr. Shimmerpack, The Dark Lord, The Usurper, I-have-heard-his surname-is-finkel. First conqueror of Argenport and Hooru (is it also a place?). Careful to all animals. Father of 50 power strategies and lover of his old forgotten decks.

We almost got there, guys.


Resident Johnny

Grimfan is as old school as they come - calm, assured, and quick to call out nonsense. And his decks may look like nonsense, as mad science experiments often do, but they can prove to be powerful beyond all expectation. His crown jewel is Charge Rod, a seemingly absurd deck that rocked Team League Season 2 with a staggering win percentage, carrying his team to a Top 4 berth. If you want to have fun playing Eternal, your best bet is to pick up one of Grimfan's decks - just don't spend too many shiftstones in the process.

It's not as bad as it looks.



David has been playing Eternal competitively since its closed beta release. However, you won't find him in the top 10 of the Ranked ladder, nor should you expect to see him in the top 8 of an ETS Invitational. Rather, he relishes in creating and showcasing competitive, offbeat tournament decks. Whether he is attempting to break a new combo or attempting to break the meta, David is in a perpetual state of brewing, always looking for the next viable deck he can call his own.

Let me tell you why you're wrong.


Straight Shooter

ManuS is a longtime veteran of card games in general, with an MTG PT Top 16, a GP Top 8 and a Hearthstone Winter Preliminary Championship under his belt, as well as his numerous accomplishments in Eternal. He takes a very no-nonsense approach to Eternal, employing results-gathering and statistical analysis to relentlessly tune his decklists. He has created (or helped to create) a long list of proven winners, able to crush the competition. If you need a powerful deck in a pinch, ManuS is the man to ask. And, as ET's resident YouTuber, he is happy to share his creations. He may be outspoken at times, but he is always willing to educate other players and help them become better.

I've come back from worse.



Mouche is a card game veteran and, as an ETS Worlds Top 8 contender, he is one of the game's strongest, most consistent players. Though he keeps a low profile in the greater community, as a perennial ETS Invitational participant, every competitive player knows or comes to learn that there is no such thing as an easy win against Mouche. And when he offers his opinion, it is always sincere and constructive, reflecting his genuine personality.

I think I'll win an Eternal tournament today.


The Smasher

Sunyveil is a longtime competitor in strategic card games, coming from a background of Magic: the Gathering. His accomplishments in Eternal are topped off by an ETS Invitational victory in Season 5 of 2017 and a Top 8 appearance at ETS Worlds that year. Sunyveil's M:tG accomplishments include an SCG Open victory, two Top 16 Grand Prix finishes, and a positive record at the Pro Tour. When not playing games, he enjoys rock climbing and playing music.

Power screwed again. F***!


Never Lucky

Tobboo has been playing card games since 1996, and has been in the Eternal circuit since the start. He captained "Team Titans" in the first team league, where it didn't go so well, but he didn't give up, and again captained "ET Phone" in the second team league, eventually winning the weeks-long event. During his first year, he managed to Top 8 at Worlds, and played in several invitationals, including a recent Top 4 finish. He loves his job as a music teacher and he truly believes that you can always do better, be it by trying harder, being a better person, or improving in card games.

That's a terrible idea.


Resident Sleeper

VSarius is a shrewd veteran of Eternal's closed beta and it shows in his acumen. Lauded above most for his in-game decision making, VSarius's competitive run culminated in an appearance at Worlds, where he secured a Top 8 berth. Since then he has focused his attention elsewhere, favoring a supporting role away from the spotlight. However, with Eternal's impending release, he may be a sleeping giant, waiting to return to his former glory.

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